An Exclusive Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti- Founder of SimpleFactsOnline

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Hey bloggers! As you already know about my Interview Series which I am doing from past few interviews with pro bloggers and affiliate marketers like :

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I hope you have already gone through those amazing interviews.

So guys, today we have Chayan Chakrabarti from on my blog.

He is such an amazing blogger who is working on his blog to provide the right value to his readers to be a successful blogger.

If you want to start a profitable blog you should follow his blog so that you can get good information from him too.


So, without wasting anymore time, let's get started with the interview segment with him :

An Exclusive Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti :

1. First of all, Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey Shivam, thanks a lot for inviting me to share my journey with your readers.

Hello friends, this is Chayan Chakrabarti. I am the founder of

I am a computer application graduate from Kolkata, West Bengal. I am currently living in Delhi NCR.

2. Explain something about your Blogging Journey.

It's been a roller coaster ride before I started my blogging journey.

It's because I had this new blogger fear. That is why I consumed so many tutorials and guides from 2016.

But, I was afraid to start.

Because, I thought I could not manage it with my full time job. Then in August 2019, I decided to start my blog. And I have been blogging since then.

3. What are the challenges you have faced in your Blogging Journey?

There are challenges in everything. But we have to face the challenges and continue our work. That's progressive, right?

Here are the challenges that I faced when I started :

  1. Clueless About WordPress Hostings
  2. Did Not Know How To Be More Productive
  3. Unaware About Categories

4. Who was your inspiration when taking your first step in this Blogging Field?

I am an introverted guy and sometimes I have been called complacent. I love to call myself a problem solver. As mentioned earlier, I consumed a lot of information before I started.

But in real time, it was hard to apply everything. Understand guys, no matter how many courses and tutorials you have watched, if you have not written 30 to 40 blog posts, then you are a beginner.

Those 30 to 40 blog posts will enrich you and you will be able to figure out your potential as a blogger. Once I started blogging, I got in touch with many wonderful minds. Some of them are :

  1. Ryan Biddulph

  2. Vishwajeet Kumar

  3. Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

  4. Santanu Debnath

  5. Santosh Gairola

5. How many Blogs are you currently running?

As of now, I am running a couple of blogs.

But my main focus is with SimpleFactsOnline.

This is my vision to create actionable content regarding blogging, marketing and SEO. So that, a complete beginner can take advantage of this.

6. How much does it cost to start a blog?

You can start a free blog on Blogspot and learn about blogging. So, it doesn't cost you much to be a blogger.

However, if you want a customized website and wish to create an impact, then you will be needing a Custom Domain Name, decent web hosting and reliable CMS.

My favorite content management system is WordPress, I knew nothing about website designing. But, after using wordpress, I was amazed. 

So, a beginner should go with the custom domain name and wordpress hosting.

But, there are many hosting brands and at times it's kind of complex to find the best web hosting as per the needs.

If you are a beginner, then look at these factors before choosing any wordpress hosting :

  1. Provides you a Free SSL Certificate
  2. Backup Support
  3. Malware Support
  4. Uptime
  5. Business Emails
  6. Load Time

So a decent wordpress hosting will be between $50 to $70 for the first year. Make sure you are checking those 5 things before purchasing any hosting.

Once you are done with your domain and hosting, you will require some premium plugins and themes. But you can do that later based on your requirements.

7. Can you please suggest some good Web Hosting Companies to our Readers?

If you are a beginner then go for GreenGeeks.

Siteground and A2 Hostings are also good.

But, after their recent price hike, they are no longer affordable hosting for beginners.

Each hosting provider changes their price and includes new offers. So make sure to explore the current offers.

8. Many people want to start blogging but they don't have a budget so can you help them by answering "Where to start blogging for free?"

You can start a free blog with platforms like Blogger, Medium, Quora, and (Free).

9. Can you give a difference between "Website and a Blog"?

A website can be static or dynamic, meaning you may update regular content or there will be a few pages with some information. 

But, in a blog, it requires regular updates.

10. Can you share some Blogging Niche ideas for Beginners?

Niche selection is the toughest thing for more than 80% of bloggers. And it only happens because of lack of patience.

No matter how many niches I share, there will be very few bloggers who will be successful. Because, they still think about the quick rich scheme.

Choose a niche that has profitability and you can work on it for a few years.

Let's think about it. You get a domain and hosting, after that you have to put a few articles to get the initial traffic and continue the same to increase your authority and traffic. 

If you can't make it happen then no niche is good for you.

Here are a few trending niches for 2020: 

  • Financial Security
  • Job and Resume Tips
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Travel 
  • Relationship Tips

An Exclusive Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti- Founder of

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11. At the initial stage, many bloggers suffer with the problem of traffic. Can you guide them?

Traffic to the new blog is not rocket science.

But you have to continue to create and promote your content in all the channels. And you will get the result.

You can refer to this detailed guide here:   

12. Can you please share some SEO Tips to rank on the targeted keywords?

Make sure your website is mobile friendly, loads within a few seconds and your Website Structure is up to the mark.

When Google bots crawl through your site, they should know what it is about.

At the same time, you have to understand the searcher's intent and find the keyword that you want to target. 

Check out the top 10 articles and create your own version. Make sure to use the LSI Keywords. 

Here is the beginners guide to Rank one on google search results in 2020

13. Give some Link Building Tips so that they can boost their Blogs?

Here are the few things I follow while building links for my websites :

  1. Focus on Quality Links 
  2. Focus on Relevant Links
  3. Keep an Eye On No-Follow and Do-Follow Links
  4. Blogger Outreach
  5. Broken Link Building

14. Which tools do you think every blogger must use?

I use many tools for blogging.

But, here is a list of free tools that I recommend to any blogger :

  1. Co-schedule (Headline Analyzer) 

  2. Rankmath (SEO Plugin)

  3. Tinypng (Compress Images)

  4. (Improve Grammar)

15. Which SEO tool is best according to your experience? (Ahref vs SEMrush vs Other)

SEMrush never fails to amaze me. They have almost everything for SEO solutions.

Be it in keyword research, competitor analysis, background, or content management platforms. I recommend it to all.

Ahrefs is also good but SEMrush works best for me.

16. What is the best SEO Plugin for better optimization on search engines?

RankMath is my favorite SEO plugin. It gives so many options for free. It helped me a lot when I started.

Let's see the improvements that they will make in their pro plans.

17. What's your thought about "Why do bloggers fail"?

Bloggers do not fail, they just quit.

Blogging requires consistency. If you can be consistent, you will see good results.

Yes, there are many bloggers that are not making money. And, if they introspect, they will see that there are many things to be taken care of.

After that it becomes the individual's choice, if he or she wants to fix it or complain.

18. Can you help bloggers by giving some TIPS so that they don't fail in their blogging journey?

There are many tips available. I don't wish to repeat them. I will be sharing some things that can be implemented easily.

  • Create a blogging routine
  • Write daily
  • Observe other blogs in your niche 
  • Promote your content on social media
  • Create links

If you can follow this process on a day to day basis, no one can stop your success.

19. Is blogging easy? or it's become more competitive day by day.

Blogging is not easy and yes you are correct, blogging is getting competitive.

So, only quality content will be sustained. Blogging is a wonderful business model. Consider it a business and hang in there.

20. Last but not the least, Is blogging dead? or It's a good decision to start now or even in 2021.

Blogging is not dead. Yes, I understand that people are more into video these days.

But think about it from a user's point of view. You have limited data on your device and you are desperately looking for a solution.

What would you do? Watching a 20 minute video can take up a lot of data and there is no assurance that it will fix your issue.

At the same time, you can scroll through more than one website in 20 minutes and you still have some data left.

Blogging will be there in 2021 and beyond, but the approach should be different for bloggers.

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Final Words :

So, that's it guys. Special thanks to Chayan Chakrabarti Sir for coming to my blog and sharing amazing information with our readers.

I hope you guys found this Exclusive Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti very helpful if you still have any doubts please let me know through the comment section.

Also, don't forget to Rate and Share this interview with your friends or any needy people.

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