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Welcome back my dear bloggers family, today I am so excited to tell you about the today's interview series. As you all know that I had previously done some interviews like :

Interview with Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj- Founder of BloggingQnA.


Interview with Shubham Sharma- Founder of BloggingRule.


Today, our chief guest and one of the best guy I have ever met i.e. Ramesh Rawat is with us to give you some amazing tips of blogging and also motivate you by answering some questions.

Before we start asking the questions, let me tell you about him a little, Ramesh Rawat is one the top blogger with experience of 3+ years who are working on many blogs silently.

Ramesh Rawat is also the founder of BloggingAsk and providing awesome value to their audience there.

And, We have met in the USW event conducted by Abhit Upadhyay and Deependra Sir that was such an amazing event I have ever visit.


Are you guys excited? So, without wasting anymore time, move on to our topic.

Let's start the interview with Ramesh Rawat :

1. Can you introduce yourself to the readers please?

Hello, guys thanks for joining us.

This is Ramesh Rawat.

I am a Part-Time Blogger, Youtuber, and Affiliate Marketer and Founder of & and Youtube Channel.

I was born and brought up in a tiny village (Gular) of Uttarakhand, which does not exist on Google.

Apart from Blogging Ask and Rawat Tech Help, I have 6-7 micro-niche blogs in different niches. And I also have a Facebook Group “Blogging Ask VIP Community” where anyone can join.

2. Please tell us somethings about your Blogging Journey.

I started blogging in 2017 to make some extra money, but my approach was not that good. I end up doing nothing.

After that, I learned a lot about Blogging, SEO, and Affiliate Marketing, and after three years of struggle, few of my blogs are paying my bills.

When I started blogging back in 2017, my biggest mistake was not targeting the right keywords, just publishing content each day.

3. What are the challenges you have faced in your Initial Stage?

Yes! I had to face many challenges like content writing, post ideas, SEO, and all that.

I had no mentor, and whenever I faced issues related to WordPress settings and all that, I had to scratch my head for hours on Google and YouTube.

But with time, I learned things that were very important to be successful in Blogging.

At that time, my mentors were Google, YouTube, and other blogs that I use to read.

4. How much time do you think that converts you to an experienced Blogger?

After struggling in the industry for the last three and a half years, I have a little bit of experience, and I can play blogging games.

As we all know, SEO keeps changing, so you cannot say that you are well experienced, but yeah, I can say I have experience working, how to rank blogs in less time, etc. 

I keep experimenting with things, and Rawat Tech Help is an experimenting blog; I am not generating any revenue from it apart from a Sponsored post.

When I learn something from doing any experiment on Rawat Tech Help, I apply those strategies on my money blogs.

5. Who was your first inspiration?

I started blogging to make extra money.


I learned a lot from,, BackLinko, Elna Cain, etc.

6. How & Why do you choose "BloggingAsk" as your Brand?

My vision was to make a blog where I can publish content related to Blogging, Hosting, affiliate marketing, and SEO.

Therefore, I booked this domain because newbies used to ask me questions related to Blogging, seo, etc. So I thought, why not start a blog where I can answer all new bloggers' questions? 

I don’t focus on this Blog much because there is a huge competition in the Blogging niche, and you need so much investment, especially for link building.

I have a few niche blogs where I keep working.

7. What's your main motive for creating this blog "BloggingAsk"?

I have been around for three years in the industry, and the main motive was to make a dedicated blog related to Blogging and all that. 

And to be fair and honest, as you know, the blogging niche is super competitive, but you must be aware of the phrase “If there is competition, there is money.

BloggingAsk is a long term plan which will grow with time.

8. How many Blogs are you currently running? Explain something about your different blogs?

I currently have 12 blogs, out of which five are for experiment purposes, and others are my money blogs, including

You will laugh but let me confess I have three blogs in the same niche, and they are competing with each other. 

Two of them are ranking in google for 10-15 keywords, and they bring me sales, sometimes the first one brings the sale and sometimes the second one.

And, I love to see both my blogs ranking one after another. And learn a lot from these blogs because when one’s ranking gets down, I get an idea of what went wrong or what changes.

Meaning from the movements I learned a lot.

9. Can you please share some tips for newbies to rank their websites?

Although all the Super Affiliates, Pros, and Guru’s will tell you that you don’t write so much content, an important tip that worked for me for the last one and a half years is the Content.

If you cannot build the Backlinks, then publish and update articles frequently, and after some time, you’ll start seeing the results. 

There is only one key to success is that you have to dedicate yourself and follow these tips:

  • Write high quality original and fresh content.

  • Build links from authority sites.

  • Keep on updating your content.

  • Don’t underestimate the social media.

  • Never avoid blog promotion.

  • Try new things.

  • Keep experimenting.

  • Learn everyday.

  • Try to build your email list from day one.

10. Which is the best platform for beginners to start blogging according to you "Blogger vs WordPress"?

If anyone is starting a blog for making money, they should invest and choose WordPress, but if it is a hobby, they can start with Blogger. 

I have published a detailed comparison between Blogger vs. WordPress on Blogging Ask. You can read it for better understanding.

11. Which strategies do you follow to rank on the targeted keywords?

I follow the content strategy to rank my posts. I don’t focus much on backlinks, and I keep publishing content and updating them. Below are my best practices for ranking keywords.

  • Good quality content.

  • In-depth reviews or comparison.

  • Frequently update.

  • Visual content.

  • I use so many LSI keywords in a single blog post, but I don’t add them on the first attempt. Whenever I update a post, I add some LSI keyword, and then it ranks for many keywords.

12. Which theme do you like & recommend to the readers?

GeneratePress, Genesis, and Elegant Themes are my favorite themes. I recommend it to your readers.

13. Which Hosting do you like most? Explain in the few words?

Currently, I am using Bluehost, A2 Hosting, HostGator, and Hostinger.

I like Bluehost and A2 the most as they are affordable, and later on, you can go for SiteGround.

14. What are the best plugins for a blogger, according to you?

Although there are so many important plugins for Bloggers, your Blog should have at least these plugins:

  • SEO Plugin (Rank Math & Yoast)

  • Security Plugin (iTheme & WordFence)

  • Sitekit by Google (Connect Google Accounts)

  • Ultimate Blocks (TOC, Twitter box, and much more)

  • Akismet Anti-Spam 

  • Thirsty Affiliate (Cloaking Links)

  • Facebook Pixel

  • UpdraftPlus (For creating a backup) and 

  • Easy Hide Login (Change your to avoid spammy login attempts)

  • Elementor Pro (If you have a budget)

15. Can you please share some SEO Tips to help our readers more?

Don’t focus on building links from day one. If you are a beginner, you should only focus on content and promotion for the first few months. 

Two days back, a person contacted me on Instagram. He approached for a guest post on my Blog. I asked him what the DA and PA of your Blog is, he replied “0”. 

Then I asked when did you launch your Blog? He replied: 15 days ago. 

I was shocked and laughing because he had not even published a single blog post on his Blog, and started building links. 

It’s bad practice.

My best suggestion is that for the first three months, focus on content, and side by side, you can promote it on social media. Once it is out of the Sandbox, you can start building links

Blogging takes time; there is no fixed time when you’ll get results. It depends on your work and content.

One Pro Tip for your readers: Don’t work hard, work smart.

16. Can you please give some LinkBuilding Ideas for Beginners?

I build links via Guest Posting, Email Outreach, and Blog submission Sites.

Guest posts are my favorite method because if you publish content on someone’s site, there are high chances that you will receive some traffic, and this way, you also promote your Blog. 

You can also submit your Blog on blog submission sites.

17. What do you think about "Why many people fail in the field of Blogging"?

The main reason behind the failure is that they are not sure about their niche. And people in this industry are just following others. 

Newbies are inspired by the bloggers making millions from Blogging, but they don’t see the hard work behind those millions of dollars. 

An important point to mention 90% of the bloggers quit blogging before the first birthday of their Blog.

18. Which monetization do you like most, "Adsense vs. Affiliate"?

My main focus is on affiliate marketing, but two of my blogs are monetized through Adsense.

19. How much revenue do you generate through Blogging & Affiliate Marketing?

I am not comfortable sharing my revenue from Blogging, but I make a good living. Sometimes, I share a few of my income reports on Instagram.

You can follow me there to know more.

20. Lastly, explain something about my Blog.?

Thank you once again, Shivam, for inviting me to your amazing Blog.

You are doing a great job, I have read a few of your posts, and literally, they were awesome.

One of the best things about your Blog is its design, which I liked the most.

Me : Thank you so much Ramesh Bhai for such an amazing feedback. I will try more to grow my blog. 

I know this niche is so competitive but yeah after having the experience I can gladly say that I can rank any blog within 4-5 month of continuous working.

The main thing is that I don't have time to posts on my different blog that was the main reason why I skipped 3 of my Websites even 1 of them are doing great only with 12 posts. ?

I will continue my journey with many blogs after this year because of my boards and all.

The main focus is to grow my main & you can say personal website.


It's not the end.

Some RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS are waiting for you, be ready to answer!


1. Blogger vs WordPress

I highly recommend WordPress.

2. AdSense vs Affiliate

Affiliate is the best.

3. Micro Niche vs Multi Niche

I am working on both. It depends on you.

4. .com vs other TLD's

I recommend .com, but you can go for other TLD’s if you are working on a micro-niche.

5. SEO vs SEM

I am working on both, and if you have a budget, you can use SEM. It gives better results in less time.

6. On-Page vs Off-Page

Once your blog posts start showing up in Search engines, off-page is very important, building some backlinks.

7. SiteGround vs GreenGeeks

In terms of pricing, GreenGeeks is the best option as it is the best alternative to SiteGround. But if you have a budget, SiteGround is perfect.

8. GeneratePress vs Genesis


9. Thrive Architect vs Elementor

Elementor is the best.

10. Updating Old Posts vs Writing New Posts



That's it, Special thanks to Ramesh Bhai for coming to my blog and providing awesome value to our readers.

I hope you find this interview with Ramesh Rawat very helpful if you still have any doubts please let me know through comments.

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