How to backup WordPress site for Free with UpdraftPlus?

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Hey bloggers, Are you searching for how to backup WordPress site for free? If yes then you have reached at the right place.

Today, in this article, I bet that you guys can take the backup of your WordPress website without facing any issue.

Here are what you gonna learn in this article :

  • How to backup a WordPress Site?
  • How to backup your WordPress website for Free?
  • How to take backup of your WordPress site using UpdraftPlus?

So, without wasting anymore time, let's jump into the topic.

Steps to backup WordPress Site :

Here are all the steps which should be taken effectively in order to take the backup of your website.

In this particular article, I just gonna show you one way to backup a WordPress site but there are many other ways which doesn't require any plugins to get backup.


This article will help you to easily get the backup of your WordPress website using the plugin named "UpdraftPlus".

UpdraftPlus basically provides you additional website security if your site ever got hacked or crashes for any reason.

The backup of your site, at that time, for sure, will help you to recover the website from those attacks or crashes.

That's why you always need to backup your site on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.

Alright, let's start with the steps that you need to follow.

STEP 1 : Login to your WordPress Dashboard

So, first of all, you need to login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

You can simply do this using your WP admin login URL.

The default WordPress Admin URL looks like - but, it depends upon you if you have ever changed it or not!

Then, go to your login page and login with your Username & Password.

Login to your WordPress

STEP 2 : Install UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin

Now, you need to head over to the PLUGINS section and go to the "Add New" as shown below :

Click on Add New plugins

Then, type 'UpdraftPlus' in the search plugin field & search it.

Search UpdraftPlus

Now, simply click on Install button then Activate the UpdraftPlus plugin.

Install & Active UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin

STEP 3 : Do Settings & Select Remote Storage

Select your preferred backups settings like :

Files backup schedule & Database backup schedule.

You can use the exact settings I have done here but you still have your own multiple choice.

Select your backup preferences

Now, you need to select your preferred remote storage where you would like to store your backup.

Here, I gonna select "Google Drive" but you still have multiple options to choose among.

Select your remote storage

Then, scroll down to the bottom and click on 'Save Changes' button.

It will now ask you to authorize access to your Google Drive account by clicking on the link in the popup as shown below.

Authorize access to your Google Drive

Simply, click on that Link.

Now, choose your preferred Google account where you wanna store your WordPress website backup.

Then, click on "Allow" button in order to authorize access to your Google Drive account to UpdraftPlus.

Allow UpdraftPlus to access Google Drive

Authorization successfully completed.

You just need to click on the 'Complete Setup' button.

That' it.

Complete UpdraftPlus Setup

STEP 4 : Backup WordPress Site

As you have already decided where you want to store your backup and also given the access to UpdraftPlus, you just need now to get a backup.

Follow all the process given below in order to get your website backup.

Go to 'Backup/Restore' tab of UpdraftPlus then simply click on "Backup Now" button.

Backup WordPress Site

Now, you will get a popup where you have several options to choose from as shown in the snapshot.

You need to tick all the options including the last one as it will secure your backup from automatic deletion.

Then, click on "Backup Now" button.

Backup your WordPress Website

You will now see that your website backup process is started and your backup files are uploading to your selected remote storage.

WordPress Backup in Progress

As soon as your backup gets completed, you will get a backup successful popup like this :

WordPress Website Backup Successful

That's it.

Your website backup is now successfully completed.

STEP 5 : Check your website Backup

So, as your WordPress Website backup has been completed and stored on your remote storage, it's time to check whether it's stored or not!

Let's go to Google Drive account that we have linked with UpdraftPlus.

Now, check a new folder named "UpdraftPlus" is available there or not?

That will for sure.

Simple, open that folder.

You will now see all your backups are available there as shown below.

Backup stored in Google Drive

If you guys are thinking why there are five backups then let me clear it that those all backups are of different files like Plugins, Themes, Database, Uploads & Others.

This backup will help you to recover your website whether it got hacked or you lost some of your data etc.

Backup WordPress site | Hindi Tutorial :

FAQ's regarding website backups :

How do I backup my WordPress site for free?

If you want to backup your WordPress site for free then you just need to install a plugin called "UpdraftPlus" and then follow all steps mentioned in this article. 

What is the best way to backup a WordPress site?

There are a lot of ways to backup a WordPress site like you can take backup from cPanel easily with just one click. But, if you want to take website backup from WordPress then "UpdraftPlus" backup plugin should be your first choice.

Should I backup my WordPress site?

Yeah, you should always have minimum 1-3 latest backups so that by chance you website got crashed or hacked then it will help you to recover your website without loosing your data.

Which is the best free WordPress backup plugin 2021?

UpdraftPlus is the one & only WordPress backup plugin which is loved by every WordPress user and bloggers. Also, it's freemium plugin having a lot of features.

How to backup WordPress site with Updraft?

You can easily backup your WordPress site with Updraft. Just follow these simple process to get your website backup.

1. Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

2. Install & Activate UpdraftPlus Plugin.

3. Do some setting as per this article.

4. Select your Remote Storage to store your website backups.

5. Click on 'Backup Now' button & take your site backup.


I hope you found this article helpful and your query regarding "How to backup WordPress site for free?" is now completely solved.

If it really helps you then please share it with your friends & collogues.

If you still have any doubt or suggestion please leave your comment below.

In the next article, I will show you how to recover your WordPress website using UpdraftPlus backups.

See you in the next one, Good Bye!

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