An Exclusive Interview with Shubham Sharma – Founder of BloggingRule

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Hello & Welcome back bloggers to my website. As you all know that I have started Interview Series so that you can get motivation and tips from your young Inspirations.

So guys, Guess! Who is our chief Guest today?

Let me tell you! 

Today, we have Shubham Sharma, a Blogger and an Affiliate Marketer & the founder of "BloggingRule" so today, I am going to do an exclusive interview with Shubham Sharma.

He is doing literally great in his field of Blogging and Affiliate but yeah he is not showing off much so we can call him the underground blogger.

Here Upon,

Today "The man behind BloggingRule" is with us and will definitely clear most your Doubts regarding Blogging and motivate you also.

So, without any further due let's welcome Shubham Bhai to my website and thanking him to permit me to take his interview.


Let's start the Interview with Shubham Sharma :

1. Firstly, Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey Shivam, First of all, Thanks for inviting me and I’m feeling really happy to be in your blog.

So, I’m Shubham Sharma and I’m the founder of and a Professional Blogger, Affiliate Marketer who lives in Uttarakhand (Dehradun).

I’m a 26-year-old blogger who loves to do blogging and share knowledge and experience with others.

Apart from this, I’m also running a bloggingrule facebook VIP group where you can get your all question’s answer from experts related to blogging and affiliate marketing.

By Education, I’m a college dropout boy but a passionate blogger, Content Writer, an affiliate marketer by heart.

Currently, I’m running many blogs, including affiliate blogs, AdSense blogs, and some experiments blog websites.


Making a decent amount of money.

2. When and How you have started your Blogging Journey?

Basically, If I tell you about my whole story It can be very long but in short, I will tell you here.

I tried to do many things on the internet before blogging like I tried Amazon FBA and Shopify but due to lack of knowledge, I didn’t get good results.


I think the Satish Kushwaha interview with Ankur Agarwal changed my life completely and gave me a clear vision that what should I do, then I started learning through videos and blogs hustling day and night.

Till today, I work almost all the time and there is no time limit for me for my work.

This is how I started my blogging journey.

3. Who was your first inspiration when stepping in the field of Blogging?

If I talk about my first inspiration, my first inspiration was Ankur Agarwal.

I would say you should also watch the Satish Kushwaha interview with Ankur Agarwal, it is an amazing interview and you can understand many things about blogging, what should you do, and what you shouldn't.

4. What are the Challenges you faced during your Blogging Journey?

Challenges, so what I think about challenges is that without it, you can not grow, if you are not facing any challenges then you are not trying anything new.


I faced challenges because of a lack of knowledge and one of the important was that almost everyone faces is lack of money.

Money for investment in blogging but, you can't give any excuses there are many bloggers who started from zero and now earning handsome income.

5. Why choose "BloggingRule" as your Blog Name? How this name came to your mind?

The reason, I choose BloggingRule as the name of my blog is because of my big brother Ramesh Rawat, he is the one who always guides me whenever I’m in trouble or in tough situations.

He suggested me three names for my blog and the one bloggingrule name clicked me.

So, I choose this name because it is also very important to know all the rules of Blogging if you want to get success in it.

6. What is the main Motive of creating BloggingRule even it's new?

See, to be very honest, the reason I have created BloggingRule is just because Amazon decreased its commission, which was a big loss for me.

So, then it comes to my mind, that I should also start a blogging website (personal blog).

One more thing, I know it's new and needs more content to help newbies but because of the lack of time it's take time but I promise I will do better and will provide the valuable content in the future posts.


The another reason is I was getting so many notifications on my social media handle about Amazon affiliate and related to blogging.

This was also the reason, I have created BloggingRule and I'm happy, I am getting positive feedback from readers.

7. What do you think about the blogging competition in 2021?

About competition my thoughts are always clear if there is no competition, it's mean it is not the right path because it is necessary where you will get something valuable or good for you there would be competition.


You have to believe in yourself, your real competition is with you, try to do better from yesterday's you every day.

Even if you can learn many things from your competitor, it's always good to have a healthy competition.

8. How many Blogs are you currently running? Can you tell more about your other Blogs?

Currently, I'm running three Amazons, one blogging or you can say (AdSense+affiliate), one partner website, and two experimental websites these are the websites I'm running.


Sorry for site revealing, just because they are Amazon niche websites, I can not reveal that but bloggingrule is also now my one of the main blog website.

9. Can you please share some of your experience about earning from blogs?

About earning experience, I would say if you want to earn from your blog, you should have a proper plan, think like it's a business, keep your patient alive do not fool yourself for QUICK MONEY.


It won't come quick, you have to persistent, continuously learn and apply new things and most important is to have patience.

If I talk about my earning, my first earning comes after one year but now it's consistent 🙂

10. What do you think about "AdSense vs Affiliate"?

Shivam, about AdSense and affiliate my thoughts are clear because I don’t like AdSense much as compare to the Affiliate Marketing.

I’m not saying it is not good because there are many bloggers who are earning a decent amount from AdSense.


Because I know the efforts and time, I will give in the AdSense blog if I will give the same time and efforts in the Affiliate blog, I will get more rewards as compared to the AdSense.

So, both are good but it totally depends upon your blogs which one is more beneficial for you.

11. Can you please share some blog monetization tips to our readers?

Yes sure, I will share some blog monetization tips, see if you are a beginner, or just started your first blog, so I would say don’t think about money and traffic because I can guarantee you, you won’t get even one.

It’s all about planning for your blog, your main focus should be on content, this is the game changer thing you can do.

Because if you don’t have content on your website or I can say quality content so, you won’t get traffic and if you don’t have traffic there is very little chance you can monetize your blog.

So, focus on quality content and drive traffic on your blog then you can monetize your blog in many ways like :

  • You can do AdSense,
  • Affiliate marketing, and also
  • You can capture emails & can do affiliate marketing through emails.

12. What are the steps you follow to rank on the targeted keywords?

If you want to rank on your targeted keyword, so I will say the most important part of this is Keyword Research, you can’t pick any random keyword to rank on but you need to do the proper research.

See, my “fanda” is clear, If you are targeting a topic, cover that topic completely and don’t even leave one thing about that topic, by this you can increase your chance to rank on google, not at once but the future is yours.

Second, I would say Analyse your Competitor if you have a keyword on "How to start Blogging?" so you have to analyse your top 10 competitors who are raking on top, like :

  • What they are doing and,
  • How they are doing and,
  • What is the thing they didn’t cover and,
  • Cover that in your blog.

(Also check their blog authority, you can’t beat a 30DA blog by 0DA blog).

And, even you can rank your keyword without any backlink if you do proper keyword research and correct On-Page SEO.

13. Can you share some SEO Tips to rank on the 1st page of Google?

If you want to rank on google's first-page,

  • The first thing, your On-Page SEO should be accurate, this the first thing which helps you a lot.
  • And, you can add LSI keywords which can increase your ranking probability in google SERP.
  • Also, produce high-quality content and your keyword intent should be clear according to the target audience.
  • And, the last one is to build backlink, as you already know this is the power booster.

An Exclusive Interview with Shubham Sharma - Founder of BloggingRule.

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14. Can you please share some Link Building Ideas to the readers?

When it comes to link building so there are many ways which can help you in link building. So, I can share with you some of the most famous and genuine link building ideas :

  • One of the best is outreach, you can outreach blogger for a Guest Post, it helps you in many ways you get the link and also so make the relationship in your community.
  • You can also create Comment Backlinks, Profile Backlinks and if you have the budget then you can go for the paid guest post or paid links.

But, paid links will not recommend for you to go with in a genuine way and maintain balance with all types of links, which helps your website in Google’s Eye.

15. Why do many people fail in Blogging according to you?

The reason for failure in blogging, I can say it's all about Mindset as I said before if you are going to do blogging you should have patience and be a true learner.

If you will run behind the money and for fast result then blogging is not for you.

Because, it takes time but also gives you a true reward if you are a true hustler.

(It’s not a quick rich scheme it takes time)

16. Which themes do you recommend most?

The best theme I can say and most of the pro bloggers are using is GeneratePress and recommending it.


It's a lightweight and schema proof theme that increase your website speed and helps to rank fast in google feature snippet.

17. Which plugins you love and use on most of your blogs and also recommend to others?

There are few plugins I’m using on my all website also you can use if you want to and it can help you:

  • Thrive Architect (paid) or Ultimate Blocks (free)
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Contact Form 7
  • Pretty Links
  • Live Chat
  • WP Rocket (paid) or WP Fastest Cache (free)

18. Which SEO Tool is best according to you "Ahref or SEMrush"?

The tools between Ahref and SEMrush, I can say both are awesome at their place.

But, when it comes to finding keyword, SEMrush is an amazing tool but when it comes to analyzing competitors and other thin details then Ahref is an awesome tool.

And, I am using Ahref.

19. Which Hosting do you want to recommend to our readers?

Hosting, there are many good hostings available in the market but if you have a good budget, you can go with “Cloudways”.

But, if you want in less budget you can go with “GreenGeeks” this is the alternate of “Siteground” because of the siteground increased their price very high.


If you have a very less budget you can go with Hostinger it is also quite good if you are a beginner.

20. Last but not the least, How much do you generate through your Blogs?

This is your last question about income 🙂

But, I know it is a necessary haha so, about money again I want to say, you have to be a true learner don’t think about money, trust the process and,

I’m sure you will “Earn” more than you think and I’m earning a decent amount, so I can be an independent person and can help my family too.


Special Thanks to Shubham Bhai founder of "" for coming to my blog and for sharing a lot of values to our readers.

If you literally found this Interview Session helpful then please comment and suggest to me which blogger you want me to Interview next.

Also, share it with another needy blogger.

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