Starting a WordPress Blog using GreenGeeks in 2022

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Do you wanna start your own WordPress Blog in 2022? Starting a WordPress Blog is quite easy these days. You can also start your blog easily.

If you want to start your own blog then congrats you are at right place!


Today, I am gonna tell you "How to start a WordPress Blog using GreenGeeks Hosting?"

I guarantee you, after reading this complete article, you can start your blog in just 5 minutes by following those 3 simple steps.

Are you guys ready? So, without wasting anymore time, Let's move on to the topic.

Starting a WordPress Blog in 2022

Most of you already know about Blog, right? But, let me tell more to those people who don't know about Blog.

Basically, blog is a web page or a website which updates on a regular basis by an individual or a team.

Creating a blog is a great idea to share your knowledge or information to the needy ones.

Now, you just have to follow 3 easy steps to start your WordPress Blog.

STEP 1 : Selecting a Domain Name

Domain Name is not just a name but a unique identifier for a website. So, it is very important to choose the right domain name for your website or a blog.

Some important tips for you to consider before buying a domain name :

  • Research & Select your Niche
  • Choose Unique Domain Name
  • Choose Short Domain Name
  • Use Memorable Domain Name
  • Prefer to use TLD’s (.com)
  • Check Trademark Problems
  • Don’t choose similar Domain Name
  • Don’t use Hyphens and Numbers
  • Wed your Domain Name
  • Choose Short Domain Name

I hope all these points is crystal clear to you. If you want to understand all these points in deep then please check the article mention below.

If you have done the research and confirm which niche you will choose to start with then NameMesh & LeanDomainSearch can help you to generate lots of new ideas of Domain Name.

After you choose the perfect Domain Name for your website, it's time to get your Domain Name for FREE with GreenGeeks Hosting Package.

STEP 2 : Getting a Hosting Package

GreenGeeks provide different hosting type for different purposes which include Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting & Reseller Hosting.

Web Hosting or WordPress Hosting is perfect for beginners and I recommend you to go with WordPress Hosting as you want to start a WordPress blog.

GreenGeeks provides 3 different plans for WordPress Hosting which includes Lite, Pro and Premium.

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Plans

You can see different features which you will get with different plans right in the image.

Note : You will get a FREE Domain Name for 1st year with any plan.

It will be good decision if you choose PRO Plan as it is most popular and provides you unlimited website hosting with unlimited web space so that you can start as many website as you want with just a single hosting package.

But, if you choose LITE Plan then you can only host a single website with specified disk space i.e. 50GB with Standard Performance.

The Choice is yours!

Just think and choose the perfect plan for yourself depending upon your requirements and budget.

After you decided the perfect for you plan then just click on the GET STARTED button.

Now, it's time to setup your Domain Name.

Setup your Domain Name

It's better to register a new domain name instead of using your own domain as you already know that you will get free domain for 1st year.

Saying again, The choice is yours!

You can either get a new domain or you can use your own domain name.

Just type your desire domain inside any one field and click on the NEXT button.

Here is what you will see in the next page :

Fill up Account Information

Now, you will need to fill up your account information like :

  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Street Address
  • State & Country
  • Phone Number etc.

After providing all required information, you just need to choose your account plan as Monthly, Annually, Biennially or Triennially.

Choose Account Plan

Also, you need to select your server location where you want to host your website like United States, Canada or Europe.

Select Server Location

At last, you will have to fill up your Payment Information to create your account and to complete your payment.

Fill up Payment Information

Good Job!

Now you just need to install the WordPress, let's go!

STEP 3 : Installing the WordPress

It's been so easy to install WordPress with "Quick Launch Wizard" provided by GreenGeeks.

Here is, "How you can easily install WordPress with Quick Launch Wizard?"

First of all, launch the wizard then select what you like to do like Start New Website, Migrate Website, Starter Site or even you can select Skip This but not recommended.

You need to select "Start New Website" as you just want to install the WordPress, right!

Start New Website

Now, you will have to select your desired app you want to install on your site.

I am selecting WordPress here as discussed before.

Select WordPress

After selecting your desired app like WordPress or other just click on the Next button.

Now, you can pick a theme and select some plugins to get installed on your site directly.

Pick a Theme

You can also change this later so no matter which theme you select but Twenty-Twenty is selected as default.

All Done, you have successfully installed the WordPress.

Congrats, your site is ready!

Lastly, Congrats and have a great success ?


Final Words

That's it, I hope you find this article useful which helps you to create your WordPress blog in just few steps.

If you still have any doubt or have any suggestion then please let me know through comments.

Also, share this article with needy ones like your friends and family.

See you in next one, Good Bye!

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