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Hello, dear Future Bloggers!!! Today, I am going to Cover all the Important Notes which you all should Remember before buying a Domain Name.

Are you guys Ready?

So, before getting those key notes you should definitely know about Domain Name. We recommend you to read this in-detailed Article on DOMAIN NAME & DNS.

Here, we go :

What to Know before buying a Domain Name? 

1. Do Some Research & Select your Niche

Research is one of the Main as well as an Important Factor which every Blogger should definitely work on.

Spend some days on Research and find your Profitable Niche.

To find your Niche, you should use SEO Tools like – Ahref & Semrush.
[Tip: Select the Niche in which you are Interested]

Suppose, You Find your Niche as Example – “Blogging“.

Now, Let’s move to the next.

2. Choose Unique Domain Name

There is a lot of benefits of choosing unique domain name like you can build your Brand with your Domain Name.

Now, your Question is – “How to find the Unique Domain Name?

Wait, Don’t Worry!

I have a Solution for you Guys.

After Choosing your Niche from Tip:1,

You should have to visit this Website – NameMesh which helps you to Find the Best Domain Name for your Website.

You will get lots of Suggestion for your Domain Name related to your Niche.

Type your Niche for Example: “Blogging” then Click on Generate Button as show in the Image.

Before Buying a Domain Name

After this, you will get lots of Domain Related to Blogging which contains your Main Keyword.

You have to Scroll, Scroll & Scroll your Page and you will get more and more Domain Name Suggestions.

Choose the Best one Domain Name for your Brand New Website.

Remember, before choosing Domain Name read the Next and most Important Key-Note.

3. Make it Short [Don’t use more than Two words]

The longer your Domain Name is, the harder it is for people to Remember it. Also, there is a chance of misspelling one of the word or letters.

That’s why,

You should have to Choose domain Name that is Short which helps person to Remember it.

4. Make it Easy to Remember

It is somehow same as Tip:3 because the short Domain Name is Easy to Remember.

Right? But,

The only difference it has that it suggests you to Choose simple and knowing Term and not to Choose an Acronym.


When you will choose your Domain Name related to your Niche then make sure your domain name is Memorable.

In other words, Easy to Remember and Easy to Type.

Don’t miss out this! It will help you a lot before buying a Domain Name.

5. Choose TLD’s

Are you familiar with the Term “TLD’s“?

If not, Don’t Worry!

Particularly, TLD’s means Top Level Domains.

Now, The Question is – “What is Top Level Domains or TLD’s?

TLD’s are the Domain which contains a most Recognizable domain Extension like .com, .net, and .org. For Example, in www.shivamnarayan.com, .com is the Top-Level Domain. 

Make sure you have chosen the TLD before buying a Domain Name.

I recommended you to use .com Domain Extension because it is most Common Top-Level Domain.

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6. Avoid Trademarked Domains

Once you decided what to choose for your Site Name, make sure you are n’t violating anyone’s Trademarks.

To Check that you are violating someone’s Trademarks or not within US, you should Visit uspto.gov/trademarks.

It is very Important to Check this because it could kill a great Website and Business down to Road.

Also, never include Top-Brand Names into your Domain Name. Like Facebook, Google or Twitter etc. before reading their Terms and Conditions.

7. Don’t use Similar Domain Name to an Existing Site

Never choose Domain Names which is similar to an Existing Site, even it doesn’t have Trademarks.

It means you should avoid the Plurals in case Singular one is already taken (seotool.com vs seotools.com).

Also, don’t hyphenate a Phrase like seo-tool.com using Hyphens. Don’t use prepositions for getting the Existing Site to you.

8. Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

Numbers and Hyphens can create big Confusion for the People.

Hyphen is more harass than Numbers because many people not even remember the Hyphens.

While, it separates the words and makes easy to remember for people as well as Search Engine.

So, try to make the Name speak for itself.

9. Wed your Domain Name

Yes, it sounds odd.


You will have to marry your Domain Name, it means that you should make sure that you love your Domain Name.

And, you are ready to Spend couple of years with your Domain Name.

10. Check Social Networks

If you are now ready to buy Domain Name,

It is always a good as well as an Important idea to Check the Availability of your Domain Name on Social Media Sites.

Like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr etc.

You can Check your Social Name Availability here – KNOWEM

Although you are not deciding to use Social networks but, You should have to Plan it that helps you when you are ready to use Social Networks for your site with Same Phrase.

Conclusion :

Dear Bloggers,

The only things to consider before buying a Domain Name are mentioned below : (in short)

  1. Select your Niche
  2. Choose Unique Domain Name
  3. Choose Short Domain Name
  4. Use Memorable Domain Name
  5. Prefer to use TLD’s (.com)
  6. Check Trademark Problems
  7. Don’t choose similar Domain Name
  8. Don’t use Hyphens and Numbers
  9. Marry your Domain Name
  10. Check all Social Networks
BONUS : (i) Try to make your Domain Name as a Brand. ?
(ii) You can use Expired Domain Names for Getting Better Rankings. ?

That’s Sets,

Thanks to read this Article till the End.

Hope, You guys understand all the important things to consider before buying a Domain Name.

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  • Nice blog sir. Sir, I’m an automobile blogger and right now I’m working with blogspot domain and I have adsense approval on it. But now I want to buy a new domain so if I’ll buy the new again I have to struggle for adsense on new one…….
    Also, This article will help before buying a Domain Name.

  • Nice blog sir. Sir, I’m an automobile blogger and right now I’m working with blogspot domain and I have adsense approval on it. But now I want to buy a new domain so if I’ll buy the new again I have to struggle for adsense on new one…….
    Also, This article will help before buying a Domain Name.

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